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Election Monitoring: Live Webcasting Election Video

To monitor and provide transparency in the election process and in Polling Booths, we supply an administrative auto observing framework by Qumulex with a verified Panasonic I-Pro Video Streaming Surveillance Camera to screen each Polling Booth and surrounding areas in election centers. The Qumulex platform is furnished with Load sharing cloud arrangement to guarantee 100% video stream accessibility. Our unique data transfer capacity gives a top-notch video of each Polling Booth at low transmission capacity.

  • Analytics

    Leverage Qumulex cloud-based video streaming through AI-powered digital Panasonic I-Pro CCTV security devices meant for excellence. Our distinctively developed video compression technology and bandwidth aggregation capabilities provide high-clarity video of polling booths.

    Qumulex Cloud Based Remote monitoring of Election using Panasonic I-Pro and Iron Yun AI. The solution helps Elections in preventing any malpractice during the voting /counting resulting in transparent proceedings by real time intelligent alerts generation from our cloud based analytics engine including identification of suspicious behaviours.

    • Install BESI Election Surveillance system for secure and safe polling.
    • Active 24X7 monitoring of polling booths, voters and management teams

    Conduct fair polls and reduce the events of malpractices at polling booths

  • 24X7 Surveillance for Fair & Transparent Election

    At BESI, we specialize in delivering the best services for election CCTV system installation at multiple polling booths. Our full range of commercial security systems makes us the leading election surveillance service provider in the US.

    1. Reduces uncertain events and civil unrest
    2. Allows conducting fair elections at all polling booths
    3. 24X7 security surveillance helps to track down intruders
    4. Maintains law and order throughout the election campaign
    5. Control the occurrence of unsocial activities during elections
    6. Monitor entry and exit points to eliminate trespassing events
    7. Provides complete safety and convenience to security and monitoring teams
    8. Active monitoring allows collecting evidence for future investigations
    9. Protects the safety and security of voters inside and around the polling booths
    10. Enables security teams to efficiently resolve cases if anything unexpected happens

  • Features and Benefits

    Features and Benefits

    • All-in-one rapid deployment mobile surveillance trailer
    • Add up to 4 CCTV pole panasonic I-Pro cameras or secondary cameras including LPR and thermal cameras
    • Integrated blue lights, sirens and audio voice down for maximum visual deterrence
    • Compact and easy to transport
    • Quick and easy to installation
    • Integrated 4G LTE connectivity
    • Remote access to cameras any time via any device
    • Free and unlicensed viewing software
    • 20-foot tower - rotates nearly 360 degrees
    • Silent operation
    • Year-round autonomy
    • Integrated 4TB SSD internal storage
    • Built-in video analytics for intelligent surveillance
    • Towable by most vehicles
    • Full remote configuration
    • Easy to support
    • No geographical restrictions
    • Time Lapse Video ready
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