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Custom & Standard Badge Holders

  • Arm band badge holders are perfect solutions for those selling into active industries. Each holder features a vinyl portion that holds the ID credential and an elastic band that secures the holder to the wearer’s arm. Construction workers, factory workers and others who do a lot of moving around will appreciate this badge holder’s ability to remain securely attached, no matter the conditions.
  • Clothing-friendly badge holders feature our patented clothing-friendly clip and are ideal for customers holding all-day events or conventions. These holders are attached using a special curved tip that won’t damage clothing.
  • Our flexible vinyl badge holders are a broadly applicable solution, one that can be used in a variety of situations. These flexible holders are our most affordable option and are popular at conventions and large meetings where a temporary holder is required in large quantities.
  • Color bar badge holders will be an excellent fit for customers who have large sites and need to differentiate between different types of personnel. Sell your customers on these holders’ ability to be used as role recognition tools, as each different colored bar can be used for a different level of personnel.
  • Rigid plastic badge holders are durable solutions ideal for cards containing internal technology. These badge holders won’t bend at all, protecting your customers’ cards from a variety of damage.
  • Customers who use smart cards will appreciate the security of a shielded badge holder. Each holder features a thin sheet of metal that prevents unauthorized access known as “skimming,” which can lead to identity theft. These holders are perfect for your customers in the technology or government arenas.
  • Perfect for promotional markets, our silicone mobile phone wallets are a handy accessory that attaches to the back of a cell phone. Each wallet, made of silicone rubber, can hold up to three cards. Promotional companies will love these wallets due to their broad appeal and ability to be customized.
  • Partners who sell into the convention space will love our credential wallets. These badge holders were designed for use at conventions and large meetings. With plenty of space for a name tag or card, pens and a zipper pocket for additional storage, these holders are everything a convention supply company needs.
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