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WhosOnLocation Visitor Management

WhosOnLocation Visitor Management

Screen and track the flow of visitors, contractors, and employees through various touchpoints and across multiple facilities or work sites. See who is due on-site, view live on-site reports, and report on past site visitor data for increased safety, security and compliance.

Manage attendance, hazard notice compliance and inductions across multiple facilities. Empower contractors to manage their own data via a secure Service Provider Portal. Contractor data is all backed with powerful reporting and insights.

Print unique visitor badge passes

Print unique access badge passes

Photo ID Verification

Mobile app available (iOS, Android, Windows Phone)

Kiosk support for iPad, OS X+, Windows 7+

  • WolMobile

    Do you need to track who’s on or off-site more accurately? Are there employees and Service Providers working at risk in your duty of care? Whether your place of work is a corporate office, a manufacturing plant, a large construction site or even the open road, WolMobile can help protect the people and places that power your organization.

    Improve the accuracy of your people presence data, easily communicate Important Notices to your entire workforce and check in with those working remotely with WolMobile.

  • Keep track of contractor qualifications, insurance

    Use WhosOnLocation to keep contractors safe and secure when working in any of your locations or sites.

    Set up and manage contract and supplier profiles in minutes, record key contracts, when the contract expires, and which location within your organization the contract applies to.

    Contractors can sign-in and out of a location at a Kiosk, reception desk or with the WolMobile app. WhosOnLocation allows you to track when contractors are working alone or at an off-site location.

    Contractor Management is designed to work seamlessly with all products in the WhosOnLocation suite.

  • Manage your employee presence on and off-site

    Keeping compliant is an ongoing process and requires regular monitoring of and reporting on health, safety and security measures.

    Use Employee Management to manage employee profiles, inductions, qualifications, access rights, lone workers and ensure you can account for everyone in an emergency.

    Our Employee Management features give you real time visibility of which employees are on and off-site to help you meet your compliance requirements.

    Employee Management is designed to work seamlessly with all products in the WhosOnLocation suite.

  • Screen, track and report on all site visitors

    Use WhosOnLocation to monitor the safe and secure movements of visitors through buildings and worksites. Scan, validate and increased confidence that only verified visitors gain access to your site with WolScan our mobile app for photo ID scanning.

    With both real-time and historical reporting, our Visitor Management features give you the ability to meet compliance requirements and ensure the safety and security of your site visitors.

    Make sure visitors have completed any relevant steps, such as acknowledging hazards or signing any waivers or NDAs, before being approved on-site.

    Visitor Management is designed to work seamlessly with all products in the WhosOnLocation suite.

  • Windows Kiosk

    WhosOnLocation runs on any Windows 10+ device on a range of browsers. For the best Windows tablet experience we suggest using a Windows Surface Pro with an optional Brother printer and barcode scanner.

  • iPad Kiosk

    Run WhosOnLocation on a range of browsers from your iPad Air or iPad Pro (iOS 10+). We recommend setting your iPad Kiosk up with an iPad stand. As optional extras, you can set your iPad Kiosk up with a Brother printer and barcode scanner.

  • Desktop Kiosk

    If you don’t have a tablet or iPad, you can set up a Kiosk on your desktop. We recommend running the Kiosk on Windows 10+. The Kiosk web application will run on a range of different browsers (we recommend Internet Explorer 10+, Firefox, or Chrome).

  • Receptionist

    For front desk staff, WhosOnLocation is best run on a Windows desktop computer using Internet Explorer 10+, Firefox, or Chrome. You can also set up your front desk staff with any of the compatible badge pass printers, ID card printers or scanners. WolGuard and WolScan are optional for extra security.

  • WolGuard

    WolGuard runs on the CipherLab RS31 & RS50 series, a smartphone-like touch mobile computer. These have built-in RFID, Barcode, and QR Code scanning technology which integrate seamlessly with the WolGuard app. Find out more about these devices at the CipherLab Website.

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